Our Wonderful Honeymoon-Fiji

My dream location had always been Bora Bora, you know, the place with the over water bungalows. As we started to look into Tahiti I realized the total cost would be way over our budget. I started looking at other locations in the South Pacific and loved Fiji. The best part about Fiji was the exchange rate, $1=FJ $ .57. Which means, it's a great deal and our dollars would go much further in Fiji. After contacting many Travel Agents most of them told us we couldn't g to Fiji for less than 8k a week. I knew there had to be a better way so I started getting quotes directly with the resorts and airlines. I knew January was their low season and I thought the resorts would be willing to offer a low season special.

We considered the possibility of rain in their low season and compared it to the high season in the Caribbean. For the same budget we could have gone to either the Caribbean or Fiji. Fiji won out!
After much searching and looking at all the honeymoon resorts I decided to give Trip Advisor a try. I looked at their travel guides and trip ideas and found the resort we were looking for: Wananavu Beach Resort.

I contacted them for a quote, gave them a deposit and made our air travel reservations on Air Pacific and forgot about it. As we approached the wedding date the more excited we became. We were right to be excited, while it was 20 degrees and snowing at home, Fiji had a nice and humid 80 degrees.

 We stayed on the beachfront honeymoon "bure "

We had our own private pool

This was the view from our front porch

The Diving pick up point

The inlet where they perform wedding ceremonies

We had such a wonderful time and we enjoyed the people, the food, the views. In two years I had never seen Mr. E read anything and he read 2 books while there. It was so relaxing we almost felt guilty of doing nothing all day. We hope to go back for a special anniversary one day. The food was excellent, I took pictures of most dishes and will share on the next post. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Would you go back?


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