The Encore Bride Style File-Couture Brides

I've been playing Army BUT the new Spring 2010 Paris Couture shows are being presented right now. These are my favorite shows as designers push the envelope when it comes to construction and imagination. I look at them as a form of art and I marvel at the construction techniques used to create these one-of-a-kind ensembles.

Most shows end with the designer's take on "The Bride", they are often ostentatious and heavy with detailing. Most of the time ready to wear designers will take one trend of a dress and use it as they develop their own future collections. Take a look at what they came up for Spring 2010.

Alexis Mabille


Elie Saab

Isn't the one above from Elie Saab dreamy?

All pictures from Style.com


Playing Army...

I am so tired! In the last two weeks I have left my 9-5 job (yay!), movers came packed up our household goods and hauled our stuff to storage where it will reside until the fall. I renewed tags for the truck, arranged for mail to be sent to me, packed what will be my belongings for the next year, drove down south to drop off the truck with my future in-laws....whew, take a breath, then I flew up, met my fellow soldiers whom I will live and train with for the next few weeks.

That was a lot BUT I'm only on day 2 and I've had quite a day! I will skip to the fact that I had 6 immunization shots (mostly due to my missing shot record) and can barely feel my arms...but, I really missed you guys!!!

All of this does not compare to the hardest part...missing Mr. Encore. Thanks to Skype and iChat (not a paid endorsement-FCC) we've been able to chat (and see each other) while I was home but he's been traveling and I'm here so it's been harder to iChat this week. It looks like I'll keep a packed schedule until the Spring when we head out to Iraq but I will definitely try to share more with you guys as I now have an idea of what my days will look like.

Thanks for all your prayers, Mr. E and I really appreciate them.


Ms. Encore Bride

P.S. We have set a date (kinda!) we are planning on getting hitched Summer 2011, let the planning begin!


We have a Winner!

Our winner is: Rose Mary!

She said:

Gorgeous bookmark! My favorite book? There are so many.
I suppose my favorite is Rich Man Poor Man.
Thanks for the giveaway and please stay safe!
Rose Mary
formosarose AT gmail DOT com

Thanks to all who commented and shared their favorite book, I have a wonderful list that should last all year (and beyond).


The Encore Bride's First Giveaway!

As you all know I am preparing for my upcoming deployment and unfortunately I had to close my Etsy shop, today I would like to giveaway one of my beautiful bookmarks. See the description below:

Beautiful one of a kind Swarovski beaded bookmark. Handmade using the finest Swarovski crystals, wire and charms. Makes a special gift for the avid reader in your life.

-Fire Opal, Yellow and Clear Crystals
-Heart and "Inspire" Charms
-Measures 14 inches in length
-Made with 4mm crystals

*This type of bookmark is safe for your book, however I would not store a book with it inside for a long period of time.

*Made with silver findings with antique finish
*Made with a very thin wire, although very durable it may bend/flex a little over time

**Not intended for children 12yrs old and younger

To enter: Please leave a comment with the name of your favorite book (I need to get some ideas for the downtime while overseas) and why you liked it so much.

Giveaway closes at 9:00 pm EST tomorrow Monday January 18, 2010.

Winner will be selected at random, one entry per person please!


The Encore Bride Style File-Party Dresses!

Aren't these cute enough to dance all night in? You could also be bold enough to marry in one of them...

(click to enlarge)
Source: Top: Sue Wong
Bottom: BCBG

Would you wear a sexy short dress to your wedding?


Big Announcement!

Well... it looks like I have a big announcement. I will have to re-adjust my blogging schedule in order to stay in sync with my readers...it looks like I'll be blogging all the way from IRAQ! Yes, I will be deploying to the Middle East in early Spring but I will be heading out for training in a few weeks. No worries though, I will still blog, it will be really interesting to blog from Iraq but I'm up for the challenge.

Believe it or not, the things I will miss the most (besides Mr. E) are my manicures, pedicures and hair appointments. Not to worry though, Mr. E sent me an email early this morning and this is what I found:

"Baby you gonna be right at home!!"

Photo taken by Mr. E

Yes, in the interest of national security there is a Beauty/Nail/Spa facility in the Middle East...I think I will be alright...


My First Quilt!

This Encore Bride is a firm believer in giving experiences as gifts instead of "things" however, with Mr. Encore's impending deployment I knew there will be no time for any travel plans for Christmas. Instead I remembered how Mr. E fondly recalled the memories of his grandmother hand quilting when he was growing up. I decided to make him a quilt just in case it got a little cooler at night and that green Army blanket wasn't enough to keep him warm. It took me about 40 hours to finish (8 alone to cut the fabric!)

The blocks are finished and the border is set.

(click pictures to enlarge)

Here is a picture of it completed, please excuse the poor lighting on these pictures.

The back of the quilt, you can't see it but there is a custom silk label on the corner with his name, a scripture and my name.

This is what he found when he opened his last present on Christmas, I had a blue ribbon and bow around it inside of the box.

I never dreamed that he would be so touched by the quilt! Due to his deployment I could only give him things he could use and take with him; an iTunes giftcard, movies, hi-tech watch, calendar, custom letterpress stationery with his rank and name, a control remote Army tank (just for kicks) and the quilt.

He knew I'd been working very hard on this quilt and I had to tell him a "white" lie so he wouldn't know it was for him, when he opened the box and saw the quilt he was in shock. He took the quilt with us to his family (we did Christmas at home before we left for his family) and made sure to tell everyone about it.

The quilt is not perfect, it was my first and although I've been sewing a very long time I never made one before. Due to the prints I chose I realized after I started that it would take a while to cut as all the prints needed to be matched (the guitars, diagonal lines, linear prints, etc.) In the end I'm so glad it turned out well and all of my efforts paid off, it was a hit and is currently somewhere in the Middle East keeping my honey warm as I write this.

In the process I learned to never underestimate the appreciation for giving someone your time as you create something for them, small or large, it is the thought and effort that counts. Did you make any handmade gifts this season? Did people react as you expected once they saw them?

Update: Just received this picture from Mr. E, I can only imagine the looks he's getting!


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