The Encore Bride Style File-NYC Fashion Week II

More beauties from the catwalk, up first designer Naeem Khan; his line was one of the very few that had many special occasion gowns. I love the beading on his fabrics and the heavy on details fabrics and shapes. This one was one of my favorite collections.

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Source: Style.com

Next: Monique Lhuillier, this collection was not one of my all time favorites from her, mostly due to the lack of serious evening wear. She still managed to have a few interesting dresses though.
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Source: Style.com

J. Mendel's collection was "dreamy" it had enough chiffon ruffles and gathers to feel like you were floating along with these beauties. The colors were also very sweet, perfect for a daytime event.

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Source: Style.com

Lastly, the Halston collection did not stray far from their roots: easy, wearable caftans. Their chiffon dresses were effortless and would make a lovely entrance at any daytime wedding. What do you think?
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Source: Style.com

Have you looked at fashion to gather inspiration for your event, what about your day of style? If so, what designer are inspired by?


The Encore Bride Style File-NYC Fashion Week

As any good fashion design major I've been glued to my iPhone with the latest collections from New York, London and Milan. Style.com has a wonderful app that allows you to review all the fashion collections that have been presented. I diligently reviewed all the latest collections looking for inspiration that could be translated to wedding day style. Unfortunately I didn't find many. Most designers presented casual wear looks and very few dresses.

One designer in particular captured my attention. If I was to design my wedding based on one of these collections it would be this one; the Spring 2010 Ready to Wear collection presented by Gary Graham. I love the soft colors of beige, light blue and brown, the soft fabrics, the ruffles, and the effortless elegance presented.

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Source: Style.com

I also loved Donna Karan's presentation, her silhouettes were very feminine and flattering. The soft ruffles and drapes were interesting as well as the selection of colors she used for her collection. Her suits would be great for city hall and the dresses for a beach wedding. Don't you think?

(Click to enlarge)
Source: Style.com

One of my favorite collections was presented by Chado Ralph Rucci, it was elegant, the fit was great and the colors were muted. Whether you are 20 or 40, he had something for everyone. Any of his suits and dresses would be great for an informal or intimate ceremony.

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Source: Style.com

Overall, I thought these year's (Spring 2010) collections were very casual, many designers presented collections that relied heavily on black and white, there were not many evening gowns either. Most of the collections had looks for everyone, maybe a sign that designers are trying to attract more customers; A sign of the times?

Did you review the collections? Are there any you like? Any that you could use as inspiration for your wedding?


The Encore Bride Style File-Fiji Elopement

Just when I thought elopements didn't get enough blog "exposure" I'm finding beautiful pictures of wonderful elopements all over the net (and the world!). Check this beautiful elopement in Fiji recently featured on Polka Dot Bride. Photos are from Isoa Tokalautawa of Tokman Images.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

The groom helping his bride get dressed; Where else can you see this sweet moment?


Isn't this an amazing shot?

Photos: Isoa Tokalautawa of Tokman Images

Hop over to Polka Dot Bride to see the rest of the beautiful pictures. I can't wait until we decide where and when!


The Encore Bride Style File-Nantucket Elopement

Isn't this a beautiful elopement? The couple came from China via London to elope in Nantucket. Zophia Photography captured these beautiful images of the occasion. I love how much thought, care and love the couple put into planning this event. No one said you couldn't have a beautiful unforgettable, planned elopement?

Before the Ceremony
(click on photos to enlarge)

On their way to the ceremony, more here

The Ceremony, more here

After the ceremony

At their private dinner, more here

Unfortunately many blogs don't feature many elopements but we should see more of them. Eloping allows you to focus on the most important aspect of a wedding, the act of promising to commit yourself to the person you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with. Don't you think?


The Encore Bride Style File-Elopement in Mexico

By now I know everyone has seen this beautiful elopement ceremony Style Me Pretty featured a few weeks ago. It was designed by Lisa Vorce of Oh, How Charming! and photographed by Aaron Delesie. As soon as I opened the blog it blew me away and spoke to me, yeah, it said "You should totally do this!" I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and the idea of eloping. It seems to carefree, romantic and courageous!
(Click photos to enlarge)

Credits: Photos by Aaron Delesie
I can only think of all the beautiful places I would elope to. Would you do it? Where would you go?


We're Doing A Couple's Session (and I need your help!)

We're so excited! After much thought (on my part I might add) we've decided to do a couples session before Mr. Encore heads out. I knew it would be a challenge finding someone on such short notice but we did. As soon as we settled on a date my next thought was, "What am I going to wear?"

We will be having two looks, a "biker chic" look and a more "dressy" look. I've settled on a black strapless BCBG dress with a shirred bodice but I haven't decided how to accessorize it. I'm considering three options: black and red, black and silver or black with a print shoe. I've never been the "red" type of girl but ever since I turned 30, that's all I design around...red.

I need your help. Could you please help me decide on a color and shoes? I've posted a poll on the left sidebar and it will remain open for a week. I'm after and edgy, feminine but romantic look. Suggestions?

Credits: Boleros: Bonzie, Shoe #1:Guess, #2:Moda Spana, #3:Nina, #4:Nina, #5: Carlos Santana, #6: Carlos Santana, #7: Guess, #8 Calvin Klein, Dress: BCBG


The Encore Bride Style File-Mauve Beauty

As soon as I saw this Christian Lacroix 2010 gown, I knew I had to make a board inspired by it. I love the ruffles, sleeves and draping, I could live without the bow, but the whole look works for me. I think this style can work for a daytime garden wedding. What do you think?

Credits: Dress: Christian Lacroix for Rosa Clara, Flowers: TheKnot.com, Bracelet: Etsy.com, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via Barneys.com, Clutch: Etsy.com, Earrings: Etsy.com


This Type Of Love

We had a great lazy long weekend. It's amazing how we enjoy simple pleasures while being with the person we love. We stayed home, cooked, well he did, took a motorcycle ride to our favorite dessert spot and just hung around the house.

I had bookmarked this video some time ago I found via Le Love, an amazing love blog I read frequently and it describes the type of love Mr. Encore and I share. He even cut all his hair (you'll get it once you see the video).

I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to experience this kind of love. The great thing about being an Encore Bride is that you have experienced so much in the past that when this type of love comes along you recognize it. I almost didn't...more to follow on that. I love you P.L.Y!


We're out...

We're off for the weekend! Mr. Encore got to come home for the weekend, so we'll be taking it easy. Enjoy your long weekend!

I took this photo last new year's eve at Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla, PR


The Encore Bride Goes To Germany!

As promised, more to follow on my move to Germany. I've been offered a one year active duty tour to Germany courtesy of the US Army. In fact after we found out that Mr. Encore was definitely heading to Afghanistan I told him that either a) I wanted to go with him or b) I would do a tour somewhere. As it turns out, I got the Germany tour! I'm really excited about the change in scenery, I certainly did not want to stay in the same house I shared with Mr. Encore and miss him even more every time I turned around and saw something of his. Fortunately, this is part of our plan to build a future together and we're really excited. I will leave the US in 6 weeks while he will leave in around 9 weeks. Fortunately I'm familiar with the Stuttgart area as I spent a month there earlier this year. I'm no expert but I know what to expect.

I'm looking forward to traveling, eating great German food, the Christmas and flea markets, and only having a 3.5 hr time difference between Mr. Encore and me. I'm not so crazy about the winter and snow but it's OK, I will survive. Some people pick up a craft or hobby to deal with a deployment, I pursued a long awaited dream to live overseas and I'm very excited about it.


The Encores...we're going to make it!

**Warning-Plenty of non-wedding whining follows**

If you've been following my blog for a little while you may know that Mr. Encore is headed to Afghanistan shortly. He left last weekend for training, fortunately it is close enough that he will be able to come home on the weekends for the next 7 weeks. Throughout this process I have been very supportive and surprisingly very strong. I hosted a nice farewell party for him a couple of weeks ago, I've helped him shop and pack for training knowing that his departure is approaching very fast. He left last weekend, I had to travel for work Monday and Tuesday so I kept busy.

For the last 8 years I've been an independent woman, I've traveled, moved around, changed jobs, had good times, had not so good ones but I always did it alone. Ever since Mr. Encore came into my life I've let my guard down and have become just a little less independent. But last night was a little tough, in fact I was a little concerned about being home alone.

This morning I tried to plug something into the bathroom receptacle and it didn't work, tried the other one..nada. Went into the second bathroom...didn't work either. I went to look at the fuse box but all was good, I couldn't figure out what was wrong but all I could think was, "he's gone and I don't know what to do". I was frustrated but left for work, around lunch he sent me a text message and I lost it! I started sobbing incredibly and all I could think was, "He's gone, he really is leaving me for a year, I won't see him". He called me and I couldn't even talk, he asked me if I needed a few minutes...I did.

So ladies...I hate to admit it but I lost it at work, I was sobbing like a baby, thank God I could close the door and no one else was there. I had been doing so good, no tears, no sadness, no drama. I'm not sure how this will end and how I'll get through this, but I know I'll have twitter, blogger and oh! Germany to keep occupied. Yes, I'm going to Germany for a year, I figure if he was going to be gone for a year then I could do something too. I have accepted a one year active duty tour to Germany, wohooo!

I'm not sure when we'll set a date but right now, I can't even think that far, I just want this to be over so we can move on with our lives. In the meantime, I'll use this blog as a sounding board. I will continue to do my inspiration boards and share my wedding finds, I have to, without you it would be even harder to get through this.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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