How We Did It Part I-Location and Date

 We were originally planning a wedding around November of 2011, 11/11/11 to be exact, location TBD. Our families are in Puerto Rico, Mississippi, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California. The big question was where and we didn’t have an answer for that. We considered Puerto Rico but it wasn’t a firm decision.
To make matters more complicated we knew we would be moving as soon as we returned from this deployment but we didn’t know where. We were still waiting for the Army to make a decision. The Army finally gave us a location about a month after the engagement; Norfolk, VA. We started planning the move but we quickly realized that if we wanted to move in together in military housing we would have to be a lawful wedded couple…

One day he walked in my office and I said, “That’s it, we’re going to Vegas as soon as I get back, we’ll let our families know and if they want to join us they can if not we’ll still love them the same”. He said with a grin on his face, “OK”! 
The only request he had was that it must be in a Chapel, with God present. “Ok”, I said, “deal”.  Next thing you know I went online and “googled”: Chapels, Las Vegas.  I came across an article on the best Chapels in town and one came across with many glowing reviews, Chapel of the flowers. 
Victorian Chapel 
The Chapel’s website was elegant, informative and easy to use (hint, hint). I was able to take a look at the different chapels within the property, package prices and even book a date, all online…easy peasy.
Next up, I had to choose a date, well, January 1st would’ve been great for us but not for our family and friends, not to mention that I would have barely made it back to the US.  The next long holiday in January was the weekend of Martin Luther King, January14-17, 2011. Well, then January 15th it is. We booked the Chapel for that date with a $100 deposit. We are going places here.
Magnolia Chapel

In the end, we ended up booking with them because of their rave reviews, beautiful branding and appealing website and most importantly, convenience.


How Did I Do It?

The question everyone keeps asking me is, how did I plan a wedding while deployed to Iraq? In fact, I've heard that question so many times I decided to write about it. Now that the bulk of the planning is done I can use my very little free time to share with you how I accomplished it. I started planning a wedding 176 days out (I know this from internet evidence) and was 85% done by day 120.

So again, how did I do it? I will share in detail the process in hopes that it can be helpful to someone. Starting Wednesday I will begin a series of posts taking all of you through the journey that it was planning the wedding. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark my site, see you then!


I Miss Him So Much

He left this week and I miss him so much. I know we have been extremely blessed to have been together most of this deployment but I can't help it, he's such a big part of me. If you met him you would understand, he has a big personality, there's no one he ever met that didn't like him. He's the kind of guy that makes everyone feel good about themselves.

He's a southern gentleman and he has that charm, sometimes he can lay it on too thick if you know what I mean but I just laugh. He tells me every chance he gets how beautiful I am (even when I look like the above picture), how excited he is about us and that he can't wait until I become his wifey poo. His words, not mine :-))

Although I'm sad I'm also content because it means I can finally start counting down the days until I get home. It won't be long...Until then I will miss him with all my heart.


Elie Saab Paris-Spring 2011

Although I haven't had much time to follow the recent fashion shows my inbox has been flooded with all the reviews. I haven't been able to open them like I usually do but I had to look at one of my favorite designers, Eli Saab. I was a bit disappointed that the glamour and bling he usually brings to the runway was muted this season. The bling was scarce but it was a very wearable collection. I did find 2 looks that I like and thought I would share.

Have you been following the season's shows? Any favorites?


It's Coming Together-To Do List

I love my To Do Pads from Etsy

It's been a while since I've posted any updates around here. Sorry my friends, working all day everyday doesn't leave much time to organize one's thoughts outside of the work realm. The wedding planning is coming along, in fact is almost done. Here's the list:

Save The Dates-✓
Block of Rooms-✓
His wedding band-✓

The invites are done but I am waiting on the calligrapher to send back the envelopes. I still need to make our travel reservations to Vegas to include which rooms we want to stay at and when. The last thing I'll book will be the shuttle for the ceremony to the reception once I found out how many guests will be joining us.

I am still looking for are a headpiece; I found a few I liked only to find later they were way out of my price range. I found a great Etsy vendor who is preparing my favor stickers, table numbers, place cards and menus for the reception. Not necessary but convenient and affordable since we're having such a small guest list.

Not bad eh? It took me about 2 months to get this done from the moment we decided to move it up and go to Vegas. The worst part has been the fact that I am 10 hrs ahead of Vegas, most of the time it would take a day or two to hear back from someone, not bad at all though.

I think my list is pretty much done. Am I forgetting anything? Any recommendations on what I should focus on?


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