The New Mrs

We are baaack! We had a wonderful wedding weekend in Las Vegas. It was as stress free as a wedding could be, we enjoyed our friends and my family who made it all the way from PR to be with us. Best of all, it was done my way.

This is what I mean by my way:

We got ready together

I wore a drop veil, yes I DID (and gold)!

 We walked up the aisle together (come on, I've been on my own for the last 15 years and this is my second wedding, who and why will anyone give me away?) Not to mention, this is a decision we made together...

 We took cool pictures around Vegas afterwards

And lastly but more importantly we had great food with amazing friends

It was great and we had plenty of fun
Pictures: Todd Wilson
(Please do not use)

Can you tell?

I learned a few things about us throughout the process.  Even though there were some disappointments, sticking to our beliefs was worth it and we would have not done it any other way. The day after the wedding we had brunch with our guests and we headed off to Fiji, will post next!


Today's the Day!

Wow, the day is finally here, please send a prayer for us for today but more importantly for a wonderful marriage and future together. We'll be back very soon with pictures and reviews.


Sneak Peak: My Dress

I realize I hadn't posted pictures of my dress. As you may recall, I ordered this dress, sight unseen since I was in Iraq at the time. I wanted something other than Ivory/White and decided to go with a Light Gold, in reality it's more of a dark ivory though.  As you can imagine, it was a huge risk ordering like this. I was so worried about the fit and color and whether I was going to like it.

Lucky for me my future sister in law and her husband own a bridal and tux store in their town. I was able to email her and let her know the designer, style and size and she ordered it for me. The dress was suppose to arrive around the first week in December but instead arrived around Thanksgiving, not bad! The only opportunity to pick it up would be Christmas weekend while we were there and we picked it up the Monday after Christmas and I must say, it is the one!

Here it is on me, please excuse the poor iPhone pictures taken by Mr. E and my sister in law.

Hmmm, I think we can tell which ones were taken by Mr. E and which one was taken by my sister in law....

I love my dress and can't wait to wear it next week!


9 Days To Go!

9 days to go and I just received my mom's dress, 'cause we do stuff late like that! Since many stores don't deliver straight to PR (what's up with that?) I have to re-package it and mail it to her. I just hope it fits! Here were the contenders:

In the end, she liked #1 but hers will be sleeveless (meaning we have to find a gold cardi or something). I'm running around today but have to get back home early as I'm expecting the delivery guy with more wedding related stuff.  Thank God for free shipping and 2 day shipping!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's to all! While others are working on their resolutions for the year I am hard at work shoe shopping. We have 10 days to go and I have ordered plenty of shoes to find the right one. After wearing boots and sneakers for a year it is going to be hard to spend a whole day on high heels but oh wells...the things we do. I had purchased a pair of purple shoes last year but once I tried them on I knew I was not going to be able to spend too much time with them on. So, shopping I went!
1. Badgley Mishka-Randall
 Review: Beautiful, sexy shoe but painful around the widest part of my foot.

2. Paris Hilton-Kara
Review: Nice shoe and cushioned well but too high.
 3. rsvp-Michaela
Review: Did not like the quality of it (fabric seemed glued while wrinkled) difficult to walk in as it would slip from my heel.

 4. rsvp-Rain
Review: Beautiful shoe I really liked this one but the heel still slipped off my heel as I walked.

 5. Nina-Electra
Review: Beautiful purple shoe, I'm not a fan of the ankle strap but I gave it a shot. It was very comfortable to walk in!

With 10 days to go I found my shoes!!! I'm going with #5, thanks to shoes.com and zappos.com I was able to purchase, try and return more shoes that I would've been able to find locally. Yay for shoes!

Who knew wedding shoe shopping would be this hard?


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