Happy New Year!

May 2010 bring you health, joy, happiness and love!

Photo: Meg Baisden Photography

As for me, I'm having a quiet evening as Mr. Encore is somewhere in the Middle East en route to his final destination. I'm not making any resolutions for the coming year, I'm just looking forward to celebrating the next New Year's Eve with my honey. This has been a great year, 2010 will be challenging due to the deployment but it will bring us closer to our goals.

Thanks to all of my followers and readers for your continued support, your comments and feedback have kept me going even in the midst of this temporary separation between Mr. Encore and I. I also want to thank all of you who have left appreciative comments for our service to this country. We love what we do and feel privileged to be able to do so.

Finally, I'll leave you with the scripture Mr. E and I have chosen as we prepared for this deployment with the hope that you can apply it to any dream or situation you want to pursue in the new year.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


Ms. Encore Bride


Merry Christmas!
We're Out!

Mr. Encore is finally on his way home after being stranded in the Philadelphia airport for the last 36 hours. We are heading south for Christmas and will be back next weekend, after that he is off to the Middle East so please keep him in your prayers.

I wish everyone a beautiful Christmas/Holiday and I hope you get all your hearts desires!

How cute are my Christmas cards? I ordered them from Tiny Prints as they matched my Christmas decor this year. I was very happy with my purchase (they did not endorse this, I purchased them, was happy and thought I would share them with you)

See you next week!

Trying time and lessons learned

As I mentioned two posts ago I was involved on a small accident while driving Mr. E's truck. I didn't think it was that bad, until I came out of the truck and looked at the front. I'm not sure if you can tell but there is radiator fluid all over the front, therefore I couldn't drive it. The other person I hit was a younger lady, my first reaction was to get out of the truck and go check on her as I wasn't sure if she had kids with her. She didn't but was crying and calling her mother, boyfriend, neighbor...I don't know.

I calmly shared my information, took hers, called the cops and waiting inside the freezing truck. I was surprised at how calm, cool and collected I was...until I called Mr. Encore. I lost it but he just wanted to make sure I was OK, which I was.

I had never been on a car accident before where I had to call the tow truck and take the truck straight to a body shop. I was amazed how quickly I went into planning mode, called the insurance, call a friend for references on body shops, called the insurance again, etc. By the time the cop showed up I had everything lined up, the tow truck took me straight to the body shop, the rental car agency picked me up and I was at work 3 hours later from the time it happened.

What I learned: trust the professionals, they do this everyday. I quickly compared this to planning a wedding or major event in life. Since you don't do this everyday, hire the best planner you can afford, she/he can save you money and keep you under budget if you let her/him do their job. Also, ask for references and go from there, let them do what they do best and it will be as painless as possible.

All in all I had my truck back in three days looking brand new, thanks to all who made it possible, they did an awesome job!

Now, if I just had that much patience with the airline that left Mr. Encore stranded in Philadelphia for almost 48 hours this weekend.


What I've been up to...

Christmas decorations are going up like crazy, this year I decided to decorate using chocolate, copper, gold and ivory colors. I've been working pretty hard on the dining room and this is what I've done for the table centerpiece.

(click to enlarge)

My tree! All we need are presents!
(Yes, curtains still need to go up)

Source: Personal Photos, please do not copy.

Are you done with you Christmas decorating and shopping? What colors are you using this year to decorate?


The Encore Bride Style File
Pre-Fall 2010 Collections

The Christmas season is in full swing at the Encore Bride's house. Projects are being finished, decorations are still coming up and shopping is yet to be finished. I had a busy and ho-hum last week that included coming home early from work sick and getting into a car accident on Mr. Encore's truck (everyone is fine, there were no injuries). I will do a post later on what I learned from that day.

In the meantime, I will leave you some eye candy. The Pre-fall 2010 collections were presented by a few designers earlier this month and as always, we can always draw inspiration for that incredible event you're planning. Here are my favorites so far. Enjoy!

Donna Karan

(click to enlarge)
Source: Style.com

J. Mendel

(click to enlarge)
Source: Style.com

Oscar De La Renta

(click to enlarge)
Source: Style.com


(click to enlarge)
Source: Style.com

I love the draping Donna Karan and J. Mendel employed, Oscar de la Renta's "bling" and that Versace blue jacket is to die for! Which one is your favorite?


Happy Holidays!

Happy SITSmas day!

(click to enlarge)
Photo taken by Ashley Brokop

May your season be filled with laughter!~The Encores

Hopes for 2010

I truly feel like I've been given too much so far. 2009 has been a beautiful year and I am very thankful. My few hopes for 2010 are the continued safety of Mr. Encore as he deploys to the Middle East, the strength for all of us that love him to get through this period of separation and the health and happiness of our family and friends.


Thanks to all the Sitstahood ladies who have stopped by, commented and provided their support throughout my journey, your comments and luv keep me going, THANK YOU and I wish you much love, happiness and health for the new year.

In case you are wondering what SITS stands for, it is for "The Secret is in the Sauce", a blog by a "group of women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments". Please stop by SITS and join the community!

The Encore Bride Style File
A Dash of Black!

Welcome back to the Encore Bride! I'm still feeling the party vibe...must be the Holiday Season! The last bridal fashion week had many dresses with little black details. I decided to incorporate many non-traditional black elements to this board, the result is an edgy black and white style fit for an encore bride. As usual I have a mix and high and low pieces, great shoes and dress and handmade accessories from Etsy.com.

(Click to Enlarge)
Sources: Clockwise from top left: Earrings-LeeOhio, Headband-StacyLeighAtelier, BibNecklace-Bejewelled Bespoke, Cake-PinkCakeBox, Shoes-Kate Spade via Zappos.com, Dress-Elizabeth Filmore via InStyle Weddings, Bouquet-Martha Stewart Weddings, Stationery-Martha Stewart Weddings

I love the black headpiece and bib necklace, they are an unexpected detail for the bride. Are/would you wear non-traditional accessories on your big day? If so, what are you wearing, I want to see!


Life Is So Meant To Be...

Just after I posted the last entry I received an email from my future mother in law (my family and friends don't know about the blog), it said:

Hi (Ms. Encore Bride),

I truly hope you can open this site. This made me think of you and all the good you have brought into (Mr. Encore's) life. I give you credit for building a bridge for (Mr. Encore's middle daughter) and (Mr. Encore). She is truly taken with you and who you are. I could go on listing, but decided I might not love you if you had the "Big Head". Ha!

(Mr. Encore's mom)

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent

This is the video she was referring to:

I laughed so hard after reading her email but almost cried after watching the video and it occurred to me. That's what moms do, they build cathedrals...that's my answer to my kids debate, that's what makes all the sacrifices worth it, boy I tell you...this is so meant to be!


The Encore Bride's Kids Debate

***Calling all moms***

I've been having an internal battle for some time now in reference to whether I want to have kids or not.

*Disclaimer: Mr. E is fully supportive on whatever decision I make and I fully understand that it will be a mutual decision.

Source: PBK

BLUF (bottom line up front)

I know having kids is very hard, I know firsthand the sacrifices that go into raising a child (from my mom), the sleepless nights, the lack of freedom to go about without having to schedule babysitters, the financial strain, the activities they will have to be chauffeured to, the homework and school projects headache, etc. etc.

I am aware of all the hardships that entail having kids. Moms, I need your honest opinion, what are the pros? What makes you appreciate all the hardships of having them, what makes it all worth it? If you have to leave an anonymous comment in order to be brutally honest please go ahead and do so. On the other hand, what do you miss about being childless, do you regret having kids? Seriously, I would like to know both sides, most people talk about the bad but I don't hear too much about the good so here's your chance. THANK YOU!!!


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