The Encore Bride Style File-Vintage Tropical

Well, well, well, we have a wedding location picked out!!! Of course, we'll have to wait longer than average to have the event but we're making decisions, yay for us! I was in the middle of putting this board together when he leaned over and asked me what our colors would be, what was I going to wear (I didn't even say anything) and he even admired the cakes I was looking at. Finally it was my turn to ask the questions; where did he want to get married? How big/small did he want it to be? So, the location will be....Destin, FL or at least the Florida Panhandle for now. We will have an intimate event with no more than 50 guests and he wants a lobster/crawfish/low country boil for the rehearsal dinner. OK, we're getting somewhere. Now, comes the work, any suggestions for intimate locations in the area?

In honor of the beach event I have put together this board of some of the things I would consider wearing for this event. I love Pronovias gowns and their 2010 collection did not disappoint. I love the aquamarine, gold and cream tones used for the board. It would be a very "airy" relaxed look, perfect for a beach side wedding in Destin, FL.


Amazing Encore Wedding

Wow!!! Please stop by Junebug Weddings and check this amazing encore wedding. From an amazing gown, flowers, colors and intimate venue it has all the ingredients for everything an encore wedding can be. Enjoy!


The Encore Honeymoon

With Mr. Encore headed to the other end of the world (not sure if that's geographically accurate but it feels like it) this fall, we've shifted our wedding conversations to the trips we will take once he returns, more specifically: the honeymoon. My only request: an overwater bungalow. In my mind I equate overwater bungalow with Bora Bora but after investigating the prices I realized that they are not the only ones with the charming "casitas" over the water. Apparently Bermuda, Fiji and Panama, Belize and Mexico have them! Oh Joy! We can stay in a cute overwater bungalow without having to fly over 13 hours to get there, success! I'm only in the preliminary research stages though and it looks promising. Has anyone vacationed in an overwater bungalow before? Did you like it? Any pros, cons? Please share!


In love with letterpress...

I've been such huge fan of all things print and paper. I love my Gocco but letterpress feels like the ultimate luxury when you're planning a wedding. It's not inexpensive but it feels and looks oh so good! Here are a few I love.


Mr. Encore heads to Afghanistan...

Well, it was confirmed today, Mr. Encore will be headed to Afghanistan this fall. I'm not sure how I feel but I love him and he's my hero. I worry a little about his safety, missing him, his family missing him. He will probably depart the country right before the holidays, not that it makes it harder, I've been in the military for almost 15 years. Holidays are celebrated everyday because you are not guaranteed to be with your family when everyone else celebrates theirs. The next month will be full of quality time for us. Please do me a favor, hug your loved ones today, tell them you love them, as you know, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Please pray for our troops!

Photo: DOD

The Encore Bride Style File-Urban Chic

The Fall 2009 Couture Shows ended earlier this week in Paris; there are a few winners and some that didn't even make it to the finals in my book. And there is of course Elie Saab, who left us all wondering where he was last season when Chanel presented their all white collection in the same venue Elie Saab just presented another all white collection. The all white collection gives us plenty of inspiration starting with this beaded white jumpsuit that I think would be super chic for an urban setting. As always, I've composed a board of high fashion, killer shoes and handmade beauties straight from Etsy.com. I love the idea of wearing a jumpsuit but to be honest, I love so many different styles that I would have to get married a few times to wear everything I have in mind. Would you wear a pantsuit?


Credits: Jumpsuit: Elie Saab
Left Row, top to bottom: Hat; flowers, Clutch
Right Row, top to bottom: Necklace and Earrings, Shoes


Christian Dior Spring '09 Couture-Favorites

Just in time for the new Couture season in Paris I have put together some of my favorites looks from the last season. Not meant to be taken literally (although I would wear the white and black dresses straight from the runway) you can choose one trend and keep it in mind as you shop for the right wedding dress or suit. Any of these would be lovely for a daytime affair and/or a civil ceremony. Enjoy!

All pictures from Style.com


Something Blue-The Encore Bride Way

I love couture but it wasn't always that way. It took me a really long time for me to appreciate couture for what it is: works of art. I have admired John Galliano's work for Christian Dior and his Spring 2009 Couture show was no exception. It was hard picking one dress so I will show you a few of my favorites on another post. For now, I picked his beautiful Ivory and Blue gown and created the "Something Blue" board. I love color on bridal gowns and would love to wear one for the day. Would you?

Credits: Dress: Christian Dior via Style.com
Left row, top to bottom: Blue Fascinator, Clutch, Shoes
Right row, top to bottom: Earrings, Bracelet& Necklace


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