Playing Army...

I am so tired! In the last two weeks I have left my 9-5 job (yay!), movers came packed up our household goods and hauled our stuff to storage where it will reside until the fall. I renewed tags for the truck, arranged for mail to be sent to me, packed what will be my belongings for the next year, drove down south to drop off the truck with my future in-laws....whew, take a breath, then I flew up, met my fellow soldiers whom I will live and train with for the next few weeks.

That was a lot BUT I'm only on day 2 and I've had quite a day! I will skip to the fact that I had 6 immunization shots (mostly due to my missing shot record) and can barely feel my arms...but, I really missed you guys!!!

All of this does not compare to the hardest part...missing Mr. Encore. Thanks to Skype and iChat (not a paid endorsement-FCC) we've been able to chat (and see each other) while I was home but he's been traveling and I'm here so it's been harder to iChat this week. It looks like I'll keep a packed schedule until the Spring when we head out to Iraq but I will definitely try to share more with you guys as I now have an idea of what my days will look like.

Thanks for all your prayers, Mr. E and I really appreciate them.


Ms. Encore Bride

P.S. We have set a date (kinda!) we are planning on getting hitched Summer 2011, let the planning begin!

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