Wedding Color Inspiration

Mr. Encore has suggested we marry in Puerto Rico in the Fall of 2011, I've begun to research different venues and we hope to visit them during our mid-tour vacation to PR. I've also showed him pictures of colors and decor that inspires me and he is loving it! The other day while visiting my sister we were walking at the mall when we came across what will be the focal point of our wedding style design.

The Shoes!

There were inexpensive but very cute, so here you go, a total frugal purchase but hey, they're cute!


A Bride...Again said...

LOVE the shoes! I know that we only know each other through the internet, but they just seem so....YOU!! I'm glad that Mr. E likes the style/colors that you're presenting him with - it's just easier if they go along with it!

I read your last post too just now, and I want you to know that we'll keep you and yours in our thoughts and prayers. You and Mr. E serve our country, doing what very few people are willing to do...add on top of that that you're a woman and it's got to be that much harder. Keep your chin up, vent if you need to, and know that somewhere out there in blogland people are following!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Encore Bride,

I'm a big fan of your blog and those shoes look really fabulous! Now that you have shoes, in case you need to be distracted by looking for bridesmaid dresses, I have just the site for you....

My best friend and I started a comparison shopping site for bridesmaid dresses, called Shiny Orb. When she was planning for her wedding, it was difficult to collectively decide on dresses for her big day, because we were all scattered across the US. To solve this, we created a feature called Shiny Orb Dressing Rooms, where bridal parties can come together to chat about dress options and choose dresses in a single place.

I thought you might enjoy using this while you're away. However, this feature is actually still in private beta. I want to give you an access code but I can't post one here. Please send me an email at jennifer@shinyorb.com when you can!

I look forward to hearing from you.


JoJo said...

LOVE This color!! It's one of my favorites.


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