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Now that you know which dress I chose it's time to reveal the look we're going after, the only way I can describe it is: Old Hollywood Glamour. I think it's the dress and Mr. Encore's uniform. We chose the colors based on the peacock feather and I hope to have a peacock feather here and there.

I'm still trying to decide on a veil or no veil...I know, this encorebride is considering a veil....yes I am. What type of veil do you guys think will work with the dress?


Natasha said...

Greetings, Encore Bride. I didn't know how to get in touch you other than through your comments section . . .

I noticed on the Knot you are looking for somebody to hire to put your invitations together, etc.

Try Scheme Events (Las Vegas). These gals are great and this type of a la carte service is right up their alley.

You can find them on FB or email me for contact info! Cheers!natasha

Encore Bride said...

Thank you!


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