Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's to all! While others are working on their resolutions for the year I am hard at work shoe shopping. We have 10 days to go and I have ordered plenty of shoes to find the right one. After wearing boots and sneakers for a year it is going to be hard to spend a whole day on high heels but oh wells...the things we do. I had purchased a pair of purple shoes last year but once I tried them on I knew I was not going to be able to spend too much time with them on. So, shopping I went!
1. Badgley Mishka-Randall
 Review: Beautiful, sexy shoe but painful around the widest part of my foot.

2. Paris Hilton-Kara
Review: Nice shoe and cushioned well but too high.
 3. rsvp-Michaela
Review: Did not like the quality of it (fabric seemed glued while wrinkled) difficult to walk in as it would slip from my heel.

 4. rsvp-Rain
Review: Beautiful shoe I really liked this one but the heel still slipped off my heel as I walked.

 5. Nina-Electra
Review: Beautiful purple shoe, I'm not a fan of the ankle strap but I gave it a shot. It was very comfortable to walk in!

With 10 days to go I found my shoes!!! I'm going with #5, thanks to shoes.com and zappos.com I was able to purchase, try and return more shoes that I would've been able to find locally. Yay for shoes!

Who knew wedding shoe shopping would be this hard?


Coretta said...

What great choices! Thank the Lord for the convenience of the web, huh? Love me some purple pumps and I've always been an ankle strap girl. I had a shoe explosion over at DSW that I had to blog about but I'm back to my senses now. :)

Encore Bride said...

Isn't it great! Little did I know the zappos fulfillment center is just up the road from me!


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