What To Do With My Wedding Pictures?

Our wedding pictures were on the mail waiting for us to get back from our honeymoon (that's how fast my photographer worked!). I rushed home from the post office and opened the big envelope, there were over 200 edited proofs and a CD with more than 1200 shots, all taken in about 7 hours (I think). I rushed to the store to find a small album where all 200 hundred pictures would fit. I wasn't very lucky and ended up buying a plain black leather one. 

Next up I chose a few pictures to enlarge and frame, I made 3 small plain canvas and hung them in our bedroom. I still needed to frame "OUR wedding picture" and as always I looked at Etsy.com. I had saved GeeZees a long time ago in hopes that she would be able to create a beautiful canvas for our wedding after I received my wedding pictures.

After sending her a "groupie" style tweet we were able to begin working on my wedding canvas. I chose my canvas size and within 10 days I had my canvas proof, what do you think?

I chose that scripture for our wedding ceremony, I think it describes our love perfectly (he did have to wait 8 months for a date!). The proofs were so pretty I only changed one thing, the word "Love" at the top of this one.

We left for Tulum, Mexico for a few days,  once we returned this beauty was waiting on our front door. I was so excited to finally see it!

(Please excuse the appearance of the colors, it was a cloudy day)

We are finishing up the painting on our living room, in the meantime this 24"x36" beauty sits above our mantel. I'm still looking for a permanent home for it, I'm not sure if it should be over the mantel or not. What do you think?

Here is a side view that shows how thick the frame is.

We all know marriage can be challenging at times (let's keep it real!) but a daily visual reminder keeps us going, for me the last verse is powerful, "Never looks back but keeps going to the end".  I can't think of a better way to remind ourselves everyday why we chose each other.

If you need a last minute Mother's Day gift please make sure to check out GeeZees Etsy store, she can turn any picture into a beautiful work of art with your words. She's also on Facebook, please stop by and say Hi!

(*Disclaimer: I received a discount from GeeZees as a result of this post but I would have GLADLY paid full price for my canvas, it's that good!)


Stephanie@Geezees said...

Thanks Brenda - sweet post - great pics of your canvas ... you were so much fun to work with!

Sara said...

It's really, really special, and SOOOOO pretty!! I will definitely check out her Etsy shop.

Encore Bride said...


Thank you, I love it!


Thank you so much!

WhisperingWriter said...

It looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite scriptures!

Wedding Photo Collage said...

Great idea with the canvas print. Who designed it for you. I saw something similar at weddingphotocollage.com


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