Marriage Is Hard!


Yep, I said it, whoever said Marriage was a breeze was looking at it through some double thick rosy glasses! I haven’t blogged much. I’ve been quiet, my personal friends know that when I become quiet it’s because I’m dealing with something.  Marriage has been hard to get used to for this encore chick! Don’t get me wrong, my hubby is the best, he cannot be any more loving and he makes an excellent teammate. 

After 9 years of living the single (and divorced) life I grew to love my independence, and well, being married doesn’t necessarily encourage independence, lol. Since I’ll be the last one to admit it I’ll blame it on the tours to Iraq, the wedding and move that followed…quickly, maybe to quick for me.
I think I’m still in shock from it all, I have one good day, then I have three bad ones, I guess it could all be much worse. 

I do thank God everyday for what he has given me, where he has brought me from and for everything he does for me on a daily basis. Today may be a gloomy day but I seek comfort in knowing that the sun will shine again tomorrow.


Caren with a "C" said...

I was just ranting a few weeks ago how single ladies should be thankful that they don't have to think about another person's calendar and activities that encroach on your own freedom of scheduling activities!

Fri @ Wedding Nouveau said...

I would have to agree with you...marriage (and parenting) is seriously a test of will power, sanity, faith and much more. I feel like there should be a sequel song by Beyonce called "All the Married Ladies...if you're in it, then you shouldn't put a label on it!" because all pre-expections going into a marriage, go out the window on a day-to-day basis in patience and emotional gymnastics. hang in there, lady.


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