Are you ready for Christmas? It's coming anyway!

Hey bloggie friends (if I have any left) I've been extremely busy working on a new project and I can't wait to announce it. Soon though, I'll make the announcement on January 2, right in line with the New Year.

Besides working on my new project I've been taking classes, traveling, working my 9-5 and in the midst of it all we were able to get everyone on one place to take pictures. Here's a preview of the back of my Christmas cards this year.

Photo Credit: Mabus Photography

Thanks to Mabus Photography for a wonderful session! We hope we can do it again, before the girls get married and have family of their own :-( 

This year we are only giving presents to the kids in the family (yay!), I have 3 out of my 4 nieces and nephew taken care of, we have 1 of his 3 niece/nephews taken care of and 2 out of 3 daughters taken care of so we have 4 more presents to go...

How are you guys coming along with your presents list?


keepingitindie said...

Great to see you! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

Encore Bride said...

Thanks, you too Brandi!


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