I miss you dearly but I work almost 12+hrs a day, there's has been no time to plan a wedding, sketch, catch up with all of my blogs, tweet or stay in touch with you guys. Everyday here seems to run into each other, sometimes I look up and a week has gone by (which is great). I work all day, take half a day off once a week and we take it easy on Sundays.

It's amazing the things you miss when you are away like this, like...my Mom, although I moved away from home 12 years ago I've missed her so much since I've been here. She's had a rough last few months but if you see here you would never be able to tell.

I miss colors, flowers, fabric, sewing, quilts, SUSHI, OMG how I miss good regular food. I am not complaining by any means, we have a very good dining facility and I've eaten lobster and crab legs much more often than any time I've been at home. There are some things you can't help but miss though...Mr. E's homemade biscuits, or one of his great steaks or his Greek spaghetti mmmmm. Guess who'll be doing most of the cooking once we get home?

Speaking of which, Mr. E is doing great, working long hours and learning so much about the finance industry, not bad for a guy that used to hang around tanks! We are both so glad to be fortunate to be here with each other and we thank God every day but we can't wait to come home!

In the meantime we'll keep working from sun up to sun down, that always makes the time go by faster!

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