Fiji on My Mind

In order to get through the long hot days around here (the high today was around 117°), my mind has been wondering to far away places. Romantic and exotic places where we could just sit back and have a drink. One of those places is Fiji; I found this resort on an article titled, Take the Plunge! on the latest Destination, Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine, I LOVE it. It's the Royal Davui Island Resort.

There's nothing else on this tiny island but you and 31 other guests, max!

Look at this awesome plunge pool!

The canopy over the bed is so romantic.

Finally, we can get married here as well. There would be no stress, just a long flight to Fiji where we can relax, get married and enjoy our honeymoon before we return to the "real world".

Have you ever been to Fiji? Are there any other resorts you recommend?


dianeswords.wordpress.com said...

happy SITS saturday sharefest. it must be tough trying to forward plan with your life as you are deployed to iraq. how much longer do you have there?

i've been fortunate enough to work/live in some pretty amazing places. i lived in africa for almost 10 years in what's now DRC and rwanda. both beautiful countries. and i worked in haiti as well. there's this hotel high on a bluff overlooking the ocean near jacmel. incredible. i don't know anything about the facilities--i only had lunch there but the view was phenomenal. i now live in egypt and recently returned from a staff retreat at a place on the red sea called stella de mare. incredible. anyway, just a few spots.

Cheryl said...

Fiji looks beautiful. I wish you well as you travel into your new life.

Thanks for dropping by ~ Happy SSS!

GlowinGirl said...

Oh, that's lovely . . . I've never been there, but I'm ready to go now!

Thanks for stopping by Sugar Tails. I hope you have a beautiful day!

M @ Betty Crapper said...

Thank you for serving our country. I've never been to Fiji. How about somewhere with lots of snow?

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Try to stay cool.

cheri said...

wow, you're deployed AND planning your wedding?! *bows down to your awesomeness*

that resort in fiji looks dreamy. oh, if you do decide, maybe you can have a welcome package for your guests, like flip-flops, puka bracelets, water...anything that would suggest that your wedding will be the most relaxing wedding they'll ever attend :)

thanks for stopping by my blog :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Oo beautiful. I would love to go to that resort.

I saw on SITS that you were in Iraq and wanted to thank you for serving our country. My husband is also in the military.

Sarah Ruth said...

That sounds so amazing! You should do it!!

Stopping by from SITS!

Thank you for serving your country. We appreciate it.

Cook Clean Craft said...

We spent our honeymoon at Tokoriki in Fiji, and it was gorgeous - so relaxing, the people were so friendly and it was a great getaway.

Thanks for stopping by Cook Clean Craft!

Encore Bride said...

Ladies, thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love what I do and I am very proud to be able to serve our country. Thanks for the hotel suggestions I will check them out as we keep thinking about how to make this beautiful event in out lives happen. Thanks again!


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