I'm A Wifey Now

I'm wifey-poo to Mr. E or should I say, hubby-poo. Since I'm no longer a bride I decided to update my new "status" and blog. How do you guys like my blogs new face lift? I've kept the template very similar since I like a clean and elegant aesthetic. I did a little spring house cleaning around here as you can see but I suspect I will add a bit more as we go along.

We are knee deep in house renovations, we have been painting rooms and will be tearing down a wall to open up the living room/dining room. After that we will be changing the flooring so stay tuned for the changes we are making around here.

Excuse the low quality pictures but here are our before and after pictures of our master bedroom walls. 

 Can you see that ugly blue on that walls? Goodness! Our walls are currently the biggest display on bad taste I've seen. Our walls are blood red, camouflage green, mauve torture and blue nightmare. The worst part is that all the paints are "gloss" on walls that are less than perfect.

As you can see we are in the midst of all kinds of changes, what do you guys think about the blog? What about my gray walls, a go or no-go?


Sarah Ruth said...

Congratulations! Love you blog design. Just stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Marriage is so much fun! I hope you have truly enjoyed taking the steps into becoming a wife. I love my status, and sport my husband proudly.

Thank you for your comments and celebrating my SITS day! :)

Encore Wifey said...

Thank you both so much, I'm very proud of Mr. E and we're so happy together, it was very much worth the wait!

Deidre said...

loving your blog design! And the new paint on the walls.


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