Why Travel?

 Photo: mine taken at Wananavu Resort in Fiji

As you guys know I planned my wedding from Iraq in about 4 months, it was stressful but I booked wonderful vendors that were responsive and helpful given my situation. By the time we were ready to plan the honeymoon it was not as easy. I emailed various travel agents/agencies, I asked for Fiji, some people didn't answer, some recommended Antigua (what part of NOT the Caribbean, didn't they understand?) and simply told me I couldn't afford Fiji. I ended up planning my trip to Fiji and we had an amazing time. After we returned I was still fuming at the bad customer service I received with the honeymoon and figured I could do better. After much research, training (I ended up taking a course and hiring a business coach) I felt like it was time to go ahead, just in time for our 1st Anniversary!

I've been planning travel (and traveling) for the last 17 years, it's about time I put my experience to work!!!

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