There Are Babies Everywhere!

What is happening people, is it in the water? Seems like every time I turn around someone is pregnant. Even people that just got married the other day (or so it seems like). I don't understand the rush....are you really looking forward to the lack of sleep, the fact that you'll never even go to the bathroom by yourself anymore, forget going shopping or a quick trip to Walmart to get some toilet tissue!

Forgive me if I'm being crass, I don't mean to offend, I just don't understand. I guess people are starting to look around and ask, are you next? Lately I don't even stick around long enough in the conversation, I am gone before they can even utter "What about...."

I love my life, independence and being to able to go when needed and I've seen what a child can do to your life. I know....I know that once the child is here I'll say, "I don't remember what life was like before him/her". I know I would love them to death and love them a bit more each day but I don't want to change my life as it is right now. Am I being too selfish? Is anyone else considering remaining child free? Why?

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Impresario said...

I think that it is perfectly ok to be child free. It is no one's business if you do not want to have children and don't let them make you feel wrong for not having any.


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