The Encore's Trip To The Biltmore House

I took Mr. Encore to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC yesterday. It was a surprise, he didn't know where we where going until we pulled up to the gates. I was nervous, but ultimately, he claimed he had one of the best Father's Day ever, yay! We arrived around eleven in the morning and there was a nice long line to tour the house. We decided instead to walk the gardens while it was cooler and tour the house later that afternoon. The gardens were so beautiful! Unfortunately we could not take pictures of the inside of the house (although we sneaked a few...shhh I will show you those in the second part to this post) we took plenty of the gardens. After touring the gardens and pond we walked back to the house where we walked right up to the entrance as the line had subsided. The house was magnificent, but the gardens were lovely! Here are a few pictures I captured, there was color inspiration everywhere!

Although our morning run was painful from all the walking and traveling we did yesterday, it was a hit! Did you guys do anything special for your encore groom yesterday?


Sky + Carla said...

That place is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Nice to hear from you :) You need a photo of you on the blog ;P

I didn't know you were in SC, we are "close"

~ Carla

Encore Bride said...

Thank you, I will definitely put up a picture...we are "close" this is "home" for me. Thanks for stopping by.


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