How Personal is Too Personal?

As I'm trying to get my rhythm going with Encore Bride The Blog I'm debating if I should share more personal details and how I became an "Encore" bride. Besides writing this blog I have many interests, I love fashion design and would love to launch a children's clothing line one day (OK, no, soon!) I've fallen in love with the most charming and caring man in the world after being divorced for 8 years and pretty much giving up on real love (I didn't think it existed). Oh, I LOVE crafts and beading and I would love to share some of my projects. 

Us enjoying a beautiful countryside ride

I would also like to feature more stylish  encore weddings and issues pertaining to blending families, etc. My question to you dear reader is; How much is to much? What would you like to read about here? All feedback welcomed, thanks!

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