How did I get here? Part II

I am going to go a little further back from where I left off last time. In 2005 I left active duty to pursue my passion for Fashion Design, I moved to Florida and attended art school there. It was an amazing experience! I believe that due to my past military planning experience I was chosen by the fashion department to serve as a production assistant to the many fashion shows held in the area. I never thought Miami had such a busy fashion scene. I had very interesting and eye opening experiences while I worked shows such as: Chanel, Jim Hjelm, RenĂ© Cruz (a very successful Miami based designer), Miami Fashion Week and while I interned at a nationally known evening/bridal wear designer. 

I was surprised at the fact that there were bridal gowns produced right there in the back and sold across the US. I was proud to belong and learn from such an organization. It was a small operation, lead by the designer and business manager, 3 people in the office to inspect production, order supplies and materials, and take care of the financial stuff. There were about 20 people in the back; developing patterns, cutting fabrics, sewing dresses and putting in the final touches by hand. It was very cool to see the orders come in and then ship the dresses a few days later (maybe not the same dress from that order but a dress that was built in a few days). 

I will share what I learned about selecting and ordering “the dress” next time...stay tuned!


Can you guess who the designer is?


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