The Encore Bride Style File-Vintage Tropical

Well, well, well, we have a wedding location picked out!!! Of course, we'll have to wait longer than average to have the event but we're making decisions, yay for us! I was in the middle of putting this board together when he leaned over and asked me what our colors would be, what was I going to wear (I didn't even say anything) and he even admired the cakes I was looking at. Finally it was my turn to ask the questions; where did he want to get married? How big/small did he want it to be? So, the location will be....Destin, FL or at least the Florida Panhandle for now. We will have an intimate event with no more than 50 guests and he wants a lobster/crawfish/low country boil for the rehearsal dinner. OK, we're getting somewhere. Now, comes the work, any suggestions for intimate locations in the area?

In honor of the beach event I have put together this board of some of the things I would consider wearing for this event. I love Pronovias gowns and their 2010 collection did not disappoint. I love the aquamarine, gold and cream tones used for the board. It would be a very "airy" relaxed look, perfect for a beach side wedding in Destin, FL.


A Bride...Again said...

Doesn't it feel fabulous just to make progress??? Now you can really start to sink your teeth into making plans! Congrats!

Encore Bride said...

I know! It feels great!

Themis0307 said...


Happy SITS Saturday!


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