Dreaming of Thailand

Another resort I've had bookmarked on my favorites for a very long time is the X2 Kui Buri Resort in Thailand. It is 3 hours south of Bangkok, located on a desolated beach in a farming village. The design and architecture of the place is wonderful and your room is open to the ocean. See for yourself!

As you can see the beds are facing the ocean, I could lounge here all day! 

Has any one been to Thailand before? How was your experience?


JoJo said...

Hi. I'm not sure if my comment went through yesterday because my computer was misbehaving, but I found your blog on SITS roll call yesterday and love it. I love how you combine your experiences as a soldier with your wedding planning ideas. The stories of you and Mr. E are too cute! Can't wait to read more!

annalene said...

I've never been, but those pictures are gorgeous.. I need a vacation!

B. said...
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Encore Bride said...

JoJo, Thanks for the kind comments, and you visit, I hope the see you around and I'll make sure to stop by as well.

Annalene, Aren't they? I need a vacation baaaad!

Thanks for stopping by ladies!


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