I Miss Him So Much

He left this week and I miss him so much. I know we have been extremely blessed to have been together most of this deployment but I can't help it, he's such a big part of me. If you met him you would understand, he has a big personality, there's no one he ever met that didn't like him. He's the kind of guy that makes everyone feel good about themselves.

He's a southern gentleman and he has that charm, sometimes he can lay it on too thick if you know what I mean but I just laugh. He tells me every chance he gets how beautiful I am (even when I look like the above picture), how excited he is about us and that he can't wait until I become his wifey poo. His words, not mine :-))

Although I'm sad I'm also content because it means I can finally start counting down the days until I get home. It won't be long...Until then I will miss him with all my heart.


Fri {Wedding Nouveau} said...

what a heartwarming post. My heart goes out to you. I get down when my husband travels so work for more than 24hrs, so I can't imagine where you draw your strength from. Here's to inner strength and love that crosses all borders...literally.

Encore Bride said...


Thank you so much, I really don't know how I get through the day, I just do without thinking about it too much. I'll be home soon though :-)
Thanks for stopping by.

SITS Girls said...

Aw. This post got me all choked up- so sweet and genuine. I love reading about people in love.

Hope the time FLIES by.


Encore Bride said...


Thank you for stopping by! Time is not flying but it is going fast. It won't be long before I'm home!



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