How We Did It Part I-Location and Date

 We were originally planning a wedding around November of 2011, 11/11/11 to be exact, location TBD. Our families are in Puerto Rico, Mississippi, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California. The big question was where and we didn’t have an answer for that. We considered Puerto Rico but it wasn’t a firm decision.
To make matters more complicated we knew we would be moving as soon as we returned from this deployment but we didn’t know where. We were still waiting for the Army to make a decision. The Army finally gave us a location about a month after the engagement; Norfolk, VA. We started planning the move but we quickly realized that if we wanted to move in together in military housing we would have to be a lawful wedded couple…

One day he walked in my office and I said, “That’s it, we’re going to Vegas as soon as I get back, we’ll let our families know and if they want to join us they can if not we’ll still love them the same”. He said with a grin on his face, “OK”! 
The only request he had was that it must be in a Chapel, with God present. “Ok”, I said, “deal”.  Next thing you know I went online and “googled”: Chapels, Las Vegas.  I came across an article on the best Chapels in town and one came across with many glowing reviews, Chapel of the flowers. 
Victorian Chapel 
The Chapel’s website was elegant, informative and easy to use (hint, hint). I was able to take a look at the different chapels within the property, package prices and even book a date, all online…easy peasy.
Next up, I had to choose a date, well, January 1st would’ve been great for us but not for our family and friends, not to mention that I would have barely made it back to the US.  The next long holiday in January was the weekend of Martin Luther King, January14-17, 2011. Well, then January 15th it is. We booked the Chapel for that date with a $100 deposit. We are going places here.
Magnolia Chapel

In the end, we ended up booking with them because of their rave reviews, beautiful branding and appealing website and most importantly, convenience.


badgley mischka owen shoes said...

You planned it really nice. I got some nice ideas from your post that I can use in my wedding.

Young Yoga Masters said...

Wow - the excitement is building.

I planned my wedding in 6 weeks! Although it was due to a family illness it made it so easy to just decide on things quickly, not agonize over them. It sounds a lot like what you did.

Encore Bride said...

Young Yoga Masters,

You are right, our purpose is to get married as soon as I get back and as stress free as possible, we'll see how we do about the stress free part.

Thanks for stopping by.

Amy said...

Popping in from SITS. Looks like your wedding will be beautiful.

Encore Bride said...

Thank you Amy!

Claire said...

Sounds so exciting. I have a friend who wants to get married in Las Vegas. I will pass these tips along. Thanks for sharing.

Fri {Wedding Nouveau} said...

You've got some really great insights and advice. Many brides should read this.

Encore Bride said...

Claire and Fri,

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you guys enjoyed the post, there's more to come!



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