Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so much, as usual I am thankful for finding The One, our families and friends who have been incredibly supportive while we've been away. I'm thankful to God for giving my mother the strength to deal with her mother's loss very gracefully. I'm also thankful for those that were part of my life that are no longer with us. Their presence helped shape my life and become who I am.

Many Thanks

This year has been an amazing year, were were both deployed, ended up in the same place and we were safe even in the midst of the many attacks we've had. Thankfully this is not Iraq circa 2007 but it's still Iraq. I also want to thank you, although my post frequency has been reduced considerably I often think about you guys and all the things I would like to share with you.  

I already had my Thanksgiving lunch and it was great, now back to work...there is nothing else to do around here.

Love you guys and please share, What are you thankful for this year?

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Coretta said...

I am thankful for my sisters and mom and dad this year (and always). They have been a huge support to me and this year has been strange one.

Although, you may have me beat with the deployment + wedding planning. My deployment this year will be to Cuba. Not bad at all. One of my friends was in a similar situation as you though (but Afghanistan) and it was extremely stressful. Especially since the wedding was planned to occur very shortly after her return (it was locked in before she found out about the deployment).

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and I'm enjoying checking out your site. Found you on SITS.


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