The Encore Bride Style File-Fiji Elopement

Just when I thought elopements didn't get enough blog "exposure" I'm finding beautiful pictures of wonderful elopements all over the net (and the world!). Check this beautiful elopement in Fiji recently featured on Polka Dot Bride. Photos are from Isoa Tokalautawa of Tokman Images.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

The groom helping his bride get dressed; Where else can you see this sweet moment?


Isn't this an amazing shot?

Photos: Isoa Tokalautawa of Tokman Images

Hop over to Polka Dot Bride to see the rest of the beautiful pictures. I can't wait until we decide where and when!


Sassy Chica said...

How gorgeous...love the pics!!
Looks like they had a fabulous time at a fabulous location!

Sassy Chica

Encore Bride said...

I know, Fiji looks wonderful!


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