The Encore Bride Goes To Germany!

As promised, more to follow on my move to Germany. I've been offered a one year active duty tour to Germany courtesy of the US Army. In fact after we found out that Mr. Encore was definitely heading to Afghanistan I told him that either a) I wanted to go with him or b) I would do a tour somewhere. As it turns out, I got the Germany tour! I'm really excited about the change in scenery, I certainly did not want to stay in the same house I shared with Mr. Encore and miss him even more every time I turned around and saw something of his. Fortunately, this is part of our plan to build a future together and we're really excited. I will leave the US in 6 weeks while he will leave in around 9 weeks. Fortunately I'm familiar with the Stuttgart area as I spent a month there earlier this year. I'm no expert but I know what to expect.

I'm looking forward to traveling, eating great German food, the Christmas and flea markets, and only having a 3.5 hr time difference between Mr. Encore and me. I'm not so crazy about the winter and snow but it's OK, I will survive. Some people pick up a craft or hobby to deal with a deployment, I pursued a long awaited dream to live overseas and I'm very excited about it.

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