Trying time and lessons learned

As I mentioned two posts ago I was involved on a small accident while driving Mr. E's truck. I didn't think it was that bad, until I came out of the truck and looked at the front. I'm not sure if you can tell but there is radiator fluid all over the front, therefore I couldn't drive it. The other person I hit was a younger lady, my first reaction was to get out of the truck and go check on her as I wasn't sure if she had kids with her. She didn't but was crying and calling her mother, boyfriend, neighbor...I don't know.

I calmly shared my information, took hers, called the cops and waiting inside the freezing truck. I was surprised at how calm, cool and collected I was...until I called Mr. Encore. I lost it but he just wanted to make sure I was OK, which I was.

I had never been on a car accident before where I had to call the tow truck and take the truck straight to a body shop. I was amazed how quickly I went into planning mode, called the insurance, call a friend for references on body shops, called the insurance again, etc. By the time the cop showed up I had everything lined up, the tow truck took me straight to the body shop, the rental car agency picked me up and I was at work 3 hours later from the time it happened.

What I learned: trust the professionals, they do this everyday. I quickly compared this to planning a wedding or major event in life. Since you don't do this everyday, hire the best planner you can afford, she/he can save you money and keep you under budget if you let her/him do their job. Also, ask for references and go from there, let them do what they do best and it will be as painless as possible.

All in all I had my truck back in three days looking brand new, thanks to all who made it possible, they did an awesome job!

Now, if I just had that much patience with the airline that left Mr. Encore stranded in Philadelphia for almost 48 hours this weekend.

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