Life Is So Meant To Be...

Just after I posted the last entry I received an email from my future mother in law (my family and friends don't know about the blog), it said:

Hi (Ms. Encore Bride),

I truly hope you can open this site. This made me think of you and all the good you have brought into (Mr. Encore's) life. I give you credit for building a bridge for (Mr. Encore's middle daughter) and (Mr. Encore). She is truly taken with you and who you are. I could go on listing, but decided I might not love you if you had the "Big Head". Ha!

(Mr. Encore's mom)

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent

This is the video she was referring to:

I laughed so hard after reading her email but almost cried after watching the video and it occurred to me. That's what moms do, they build cathedrals...that's my answer to my kids debate, that's what makes all the sacrifices worth it, boy I tell you...this is so meant to be!

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