The Encore Bride-30 Day Shred Challenge Week #2

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As you know The Roddy Bride and I started our 30 Day Shred Challenge last week. See below for my current stats:

1. Starting weight-175
2. Current weight-171 (lost 4 lbs wohoo!)
3. Goal weight-140
4. Bust measurements-37.75 (lost .25")
5. Waist measurements-32 (same as last week)
6. Hips measurements-43 (lost .50")
7. Thigh measurements (widest part of the thigh)-28 (lost .50")
8. What level you're doing-Level 1 Day 8

As you can see, there were some changes. Most noticeably my weight, I must clarify that before I started the challenge I had just returned from a long weekend in the deep south where I enjoyed every single plate of good food that was presented to me or even mentioned around me!

Besides the Shred I've also been counting points with Weight Watchers. I believe most of my weight loss comes from the joint effort. Overall I feel much better especially when I workout in the mornings, I seem to be in a better mood throughout the day. My pants are starting to feel better and I don't have that constant "bloated" feeling. I'm really excited and I look forward to catching up with The Roddy Bride and see if she got a chance to workout as I know she was moving. How did you do this week?

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