The Encore Bride-30 Day Shred Challenge Week #3

Today I'll do a quick post with this week (and previous) stats:

Measurements: (Wk1/Wk2/Wk3)

1. Weight-175/171/171
2. Goal weight-140
3. Bust measurements-38/38/38
4. Waist measurements-32/32/32
5. Hips measurements-43.5/43/42.75
6. Thigh measurements (widest part of the thigh)-29/28.5/28
7. What level you're doing-Level 1 Day 14 (I've decided to do it for 6 weeks and do each level for two weeks)

Changes: Hips and thighs, I'll take that! Weight: Same, that's OK as long as I don't go up!

Thanks for following and keep shredding!!!


Sassy Chica said...

I am so cheering for you!!!!

Sassy Chica

weight loss is a mindset and way of life, just like we have ups and downs in life so we will with weight!

TheRoddyBride said...

Keep it up girl!!

btw - I have a little goodie for you on my blog.

Encore Bride said...

Sassy Chica,

Thanks and congrats on reaching your goal!

Roddy Bride,
Thanks, that's very sweet of you!


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