Thank you Roddy Bride!

What a wonderful surprise to read that The Roddy Bride nominated me last week for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you!!!! This makes it all worth it! Now, I need to list 7 facts about myself and then pass it on to 7 other Kreativ bloggers!

I'm keeping it simple:

1. Word: Love

2. Dream: To become a fashion designer

3. Love: Motorcycle rides

4. Hate: Injustice

5. Place: Beach in Puerto Rico

6. Designer (s): Karl Lagerfeld (Couture) Oscar de la Renta (RTW) Pronovias (Bridal) OK that's 3 but I couldn't resist.

7. TV Show: First 48 Hours

Passing it on to (some may already have one but you can never have too many!):

1. Sassy Bride
2. A Bride...Again!
3. Bride on a Budget
4. Cupcake Wedding
5. Foxy Wedding
6. Pink Sugar Desserts
7. Jeanette's Journey


Cupcake Wedding said...


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...


Jeanette said...

Thank you! I just love awards. I'm going to follow you, can't wait to hear how your Shred goes.

A Bride...Again said...

Thanks for the nomination, Encore Bride! I did the quiz a while back, but I'm going to try to add the award, along with the nominees and links back to your site on my blog today or tomorrow...I don't know. We're at 8 days out...might have to wait until after the wedding! LOL!

Encore Bride said...

You are welcome ladies, thanks for sharing your experiences.


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