The Encore Bride Fitness-30 Day Shred Challenge

I've been struggling with sticking to a workout plan. I mean, at this point, who hasn't? I've done it all (or not), I've purchased different workout videos (that still have the wrapper) and I've counted points but I can never stick to a plan and follow through. One of the blogs I follow, The Roddy Bride decided to try the 30 Day Shred and posted about it the other day (see post here) she's ready to Shred and I am too. Granted I've only had the DVD for 11 months and it still has the wrapper on it (!). Reading her post was all the motivation I needed to dust that DVD, open it and do it with her. If you are motivated go ahead and do it with us, you can follow along and let us know and we'll do a roll call every week. Here's the challenge: we will do the 30 Day Shred for ALL of 30 days. We will post every Tuesday the following:

1. Starting weight
2. Current weight
3. Goal weight
4. Bust measurements
5. Waist measurements
6. Hips measurements
7. Thigh measurements (widest part of the thigh)
8. What level you're doing

Are you game? Come join us and let's Shred together! Follow us on Twitter using the tag #30DSBride


The Royal Family said...

I totally am game in 3 more weeks!!!

thanks for visiting me on my special sits day, I hope you had time to enter my giveaways!
See you soon, The Buzz Brandy

Encore Bride said...

Come on over when you get ready! Thanks for stopping by.


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