The Encore Bride Fitness-30 Day Shred Challenge

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Jillian Michaels just kicked my butt! The Roddy Bride and I started our 30 Day Shred Challenge today. I barely have the energy to type so here you go, the ugly stats:

1. Starting weight-175
2. Current weight-175
3. Goal weight-140
4. Bust measurements-38
5. Waist measurements-32
6. Hips measurements-43.5
7. Thigh measurements (widest part of the thigh)-29
8. What level you're doing-Level 1 Day 1

These measurements are a rude awakening, I can't believe my thighs are as big as my waist should be! I also took pictures for my personal weekly tracking, I will probably post them once we're done.

You still have time to join us, come on and shred with us! Follow us on twitter using #30DSBride


TheRoddyBride said...

I COMPLETELY understand! When I wrote down my weight, I was a bit saddened. Oh and this may be TMI but while working out I was watching my body move in the mirror...OMG. Things shaking that never shook before.

I know I can do this. Thanks for doing it with me!!

Sweet Tooth said...

I left Roddy a message and I'm going to join your challenge. I feel like I need to catch up to you ladies but I'm totally up for it.

TheRoddyBride said...

I guess I wasn't paying attention, Encore, that I was speaking to a fellow Puerto Riquena. Well my parent's family are from different parts. One is from Humacao and the other is from Bayamon. I forget which town it is but my Mom was "accidentally" born there, meaning my g'ma was on vacation out there. I still do have family in San Juan.

It's great to see another person who share the same experiences in life... Good luck with the challenge.

Encore Bride said...

Cool! Do you go there often? I try to go home at least once a year, nothing like the beautiful beaches of PR.

Kristin said...

I re-upped and am on day 3!mi

Encore Bride said...

Welcome Kristin!


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