How Did I Get Here? Part III

If you are new to the blog welcome, thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you keep coming back! This is the third part to two previous posts I did a while back, they are here: Part I here, Part II here.

As a fashion design student I interned with a major evening/bridal wear designer in FL. Seeing the process of how everything is created is very fascinating. All of the production was done in house, they had about 45 employees on site. They created the patterns, cut the fabric, sewed the dress, sewed the embellishments by hand, packaged and shipped the dress. In fact I was surprised to see him on the Martha Stewart Fall 2009 magazine, you can find his interview here.

His dresses retail around 3k-5k and after seeing how much work goes into it I understand why. Also, they are produced here in the US so they pay US wages along with benefits. Some of his employees have been with him since he started almost 25 years ago! As you select a wedding gown please take the time to research the company and where the dress is made. Every gown should have tags when you try them at the salon (it is illegal to remove the designer tags but many salons still do it!)

After almost finishing the fashion design program I returned to SC and went back to my normal life in hopes of one day starting a girls special occasion line.

Stay tuned for more!


Little Miss Baker said...

It's pretty crazy how much wedding dresses can run but you're right, seeing (or imaging in my case) how much work truly goes into creating a gown can bring everything into perspective! Keep the posts a-coming! xo

Encore Bride said...

Thanks for stopping by!


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