Bellissima-My New Project!


I am working very hard to get the shop open and I am still in the process of finishing up the pictures and descriptions, please bear with me, visit the site and sign up to be notified as soon as the shop opens. Thank you!!

With Mr. Encore on his way overseas I've been looking for ways to stay distracted. Just in time for the holidays I decided to re-open my Etsy Shop; Bellissima Beaded Accessories. If you love to read and "bling" head over to my shop and sign up to be notified as soon as the shop is open for business. All items are one of a kind, if you see it and like it you better buy it! Hurry as the shop won't be open for long.

Opening: November 11, 2009 (Veteran's Day!)


A Bride...Again said...

That's HILARIOUS!! I registered my own etsy shop just yesterday...swear on a stack of Bibles! Too funny!

I'll be sure to sign up...can't wait to see what you're putting up.

Good luck!

Encore Bride said...

Thank you, make sure you let me know when your shop opens!


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