The Encore Bride-30 Day Shred Challenge Week #4

Here are this week's (and previous) stats:

Measurements: (Wk1/Wk2/Wk3/Wk4)

1. Weight-175/171/171/170
2. Goal weight-140
3. Bust measurements-38/38/38/37.5
4. Waist measurements-32/32/32/31
5. Hips measurements-43.5/43/42.75/42.5
6. Thigh measurements (widest part of the thigh)-29/28.5/28/27.5
7. What level you're doing-Level 2 Day 3 (I've missed a couple of days so far)

Overall I am really surprised at my measurements. While Mr. Encore was here last week I really didn't count points and skipped my workout a couple of days. Overall I am pleased but level 2 is kicking my butt!


andreajoyce said...

Level Two was by far the hardest for me!!! Great progress! Keep it going!

Encore Bride said...

Level 2 is something else! Thanks

Katie said...

I haven't started Level 2 yet...getting ready to do that in a few days!


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