The Encore Bride-A New Chapter II

...after finally breaking down from all the emotions stirred up I comforted myself by laying on the couch and watching way to many wedding shows. Between "Say Yes To The Dress, "Bridezillas", "My Fair Wedding", "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?", "Battle of the Wedding Planners" etc. instead of cheering up I developed a Love/Hate relationship for the wedding industry. Frankly I shouldn't fault the industry, it's up to the consumers to buy into the crap they sometimes sell. As an Encore Bride I know that although my wedding day will be memorable I KNOW it will not be the most important day of my life, God I hope not! I would like to achieve some goals with Mr. Encore, become a successful business owner and more importantly bring new life into this world, now that's what I call pretty darn special!

I wanted to throw things at the TV after watching the many brides that go shopping for "The Dress" with a set budget, only to try on a dress twice and three times more expensive that their budget. In a recent episode the bride blurted that the dress was as much as her entire budget for the wedding! OK people, what's wrong with that picture? More than likely that dress will only be worn once (unless you sell it or hope to have a girl that will have the same taste as you in fashion).

I want a memorable event, don't get me wrong and my favorite designer-Pronovias, is not what we call "very affordable" but 8-10k for a dress! Now granted, if my wedding had a six figure budget then a five figure dress budget would be quite normal. But if the dress is more than the entire wedding budget? Come on!

As a result I decided to go back to my Encore Bride principals, "I'm older, wiser, in love and planning this celebration my way" yes, I am going to plan a fabulous party within our budget when the time comes and I will be wise about it. Inspiration for a party can come from anywhere, there's no set of rules that decide the things you must include, the traditions you must follow and how much you need to spend for the "most important day of your life" pleeaasse!

In the end, that's why I revamped the blog, I wanted a cleaner, brighter site where my inspiration could take center stage (shout to Sugarelli for creating a new banner and avatar in record time!). By inspiration I mean all the different things that I can use to design this party and not necessarily from the wedding industry. There are plenty of blogs that showcase those ideas and they do so very well.

So, if you're looking for non-traditional, individual style inspiration for your day stick around I promise to share my ideas of what that is for me with you. Thanks for sticking around!

Now excuse me while I call Elie Saab to have him recreate this in blue for my wedding! :-))

Source: Elie Saab via NYMag.com


Eva Gallant said...

That dress is stunning!!!

Just stopped by from SITS to say hi and was browsing your blog. Hope you'll do the same.

Encore Bride said...

Thank you Eva!


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