The Encore Bride-A New Chapter

**Please excuse the mess around here as I try to clean up and organize as much as I can.**

As you all know there are many things going on in my life right now besides planning a wedding...OK, who am I kidding? I only have one major thing going on, Mr. Encore's deployment. It's been a couple of weeks since he's been gone (can't you tell?) and many things have happened that have affected how I'm coping. The time spent helping him pack his bags, spending the last night together and seeing him off seems like a big blur mess in my head right now. He is currently doing his deployment training so technically he is still "here", as in "in this country".

Surprisingly I did really well dropping him off at the airport, of course that was after his ticket wasn't paid for by Uncle Sam; by the time we got it fixed he was delayed 4 hours. It was fine though, we had breakfast, came home and took a nap, by the time he had to leave I was ready to drop him off. I did very good though, I did not cry, drove off and came home.

For the next couple of days I walked around like a zombie, feeling a little lost but OK, then something happened...The Fort Hood shootings. Not only was it painful because it involved my fellow soldiers or because I have friends there but Mr. Encore was in a similar facility somewhere else in the country going through the same exact process those soldiers were doing.

The rest of that day and the next I felt like I was 3 seconds away from breaking down...all day long. (To be continued...)

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