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The Bride Did Not Wear White

As an Encore Bride I'm not into looking like the meringue-whipped cake topper doll on my day. I know that I won't wear white and so far I only have one design house I truly love:Pronovias. That is, until I found the most recent bridal line from Essence of Australia called Martina Liana. I came across this designer from another encore bride at the encore board on Weddingbee.com. I love that most of the gowns are offered in gold, champagne, rose and blue. In my humble opinion as a fashion design major, details on a "colored" gown show much better in pictures than a white dress will, if you don't believe me, look at the countless real wedding pictures in all the major bridal blogs. Can you see the details on a white dress when you take a full length photo? I've also read how many photographers enjoy non-white gowns, possibly for the same reason.

Look at these lovelies....

(Click to enlarge)
Source: Martina Liana

Would you wear a non-white/ivory gown?


FRANNIE said...


Sassy Chica said...

I wore an offwhite gown, no shame in my game!

Sassy Chica

I would wear what ever color tickled my fancy and not that of others:)

Encore Bride said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by, I agree with you guys, I will probably wear what looks good not what people might expect of me.

Ati of Gekd Boutique said...

I would and as an encore bride myself- I did. ;-) I am also in love with Pronovias designs, but the ones you've chosen to feature here are oh-so-lovely! Can't wait to see what you finally decide on.


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