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Who says you have to hire the most expensive "wedding invitation" designer when it comes to your invitations. Why not hire the best graphic designer you can find and have them design the "branding" for your wedding? I have a crush on graphic design and I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, when shopping for invitations look no further. Branding suites can give you an example of how a simple, modern design can carry your event from start to finish. Would you consider a non-wedding invitation designer for your invitations?

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Victoria Joanne said...

THis is a great post. I have been working on this very thing with a few of collaborators. The branding can reach from the invites to the garter, to the flower basket and ring pillow all they way to the favors and floor decor.

All having the same colors and even the same decorative design elements printed or embroidered right onto the items.

It's a wonderful thing!

Autumn said...

Thank you!! As a stationery designer I so appreciate you framing this as a "branding" process. I think it really helps couples see how investing in good, custom design can benefit their wedding in many ways, not just their invitations.

Backyard Bride said...

Great suggestion!

Ati of Gekd Boutique said...

I too, crush shamelessly on graphic designers. Thank you for this lovely post. I can't wait to hear and see more about your wedding planning adventures.

Encore Bride said...

Thank you ladies, I love graphic design and when the time comes I hope to have the whole suite custom designed for us in order to "tie it all in"!


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