The Encore Bride-Couples Session

I received a wonderful email from our photographer this morning to let us know our pictures were up in her blog!!! As you know I wanted to have pictures of us done before he deployed, it is not an e-session however as I do not have a ring yet. These are just a sample from the many pictures our wonderful photographer Ashley Brokop took. She had many sweet things to say about us, to get the scoop head over to the Ashley Brokop Blog.

(Click to enlarge)
Pictures by: Ashley Brokop

Please excuse the small pictures; can you tell I ripped them from her blog?


cupcake wedding said...

You guys look so happy! Congrats!

A Bride...Again said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!!! She did a great job, and you two did a great job. I know that you'll really treasure having these over the next few months...

Morgan said...

Beautiful pictures, you guys look so happy together! I especially love the one where you're holding hands on the table.

Encore Bride said...

Thank you all for your very sweet comments, we are very happy and I miss him so very much!


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